H i s t o r y 

In 1947 Alfred G. Mitchell left Alexandria Egypt and came to New York, then straight to Arlington Heights, a small town of not more that 6,000. He spent his first years working in the area; then he decided to join the army. After four years and an honorable discharge, he was trained in watch repair and started working for Simon Brothers. Joining this experience and his experience in jewelry from working in his father's store, he went to C.D. Peacock for five years as a jewelry designer, service customer's repairs and train other employees. From there he became the number one jewelry salesman in the country at Sears Roebuck jewelry department in Golf Mill. In 1969, he explained to Nicholas Lattof that if a shopping center were built in downtown Arlington Heights, he would be the first one to rent a store.

My father and mother, Alfred & Esther Mitchell, opened the first store in Evergreen Shopping Center in 1969. Through hard work, fair prices, good quality and great service, Mitchell's Jewelers Ltd. grew. We more then doubled in size with a move next door and continued to grow. Our last move in 1984 was to our landmark location at 10 N. Dunton in downtown Arlington Heights, We renovated a run down building built around 1849 which was the start of great things yet to come for downtown Arlington Heights.  Now with its brick walkways, new lighting, repaved roads, live theater, fine dinning, wonderful shops and new parking garages, it has become a really great place to shop.

My brother Douglas has since retired from the business, for my self James Mitchell, I started making jewelry when I was 11 years old by 15 I was making plans to go to gemology school soon as I got out of high school. I was having fun and getting paid for it. Now as a seventh generation jeweler, I continue in my father's footsteps making my own dream a reality.  Designing and manufacturing some thing new on a weekly base is probably the most rewarding part of my job.

In a time when we are seeing many jewelry stores and other shops closing, it feels very good to be blessed with a jewelry store that is still growing. In our location just south of the train station, on the corner of Dunton & Davis, we do everything from repairs to designing and manufacturing; nearly every step and process is done in our own shop. We always wanted to do our own casting, but our other stores shop facilities were too small. With our last move, we became one of the largest jewelers in the area. Also, our shop size almost tripled, allowing us to add more benches and equipment, for wax carving, casting and mold making. We now can make rubber molds for duplication of our custom made items, or your heirlooms. We also still do jewelry repairs, stone setting, custom design, and wide verity of fine jewelry, gifts for your home, and custom corporate gifts.